What is cloud management? Everything you need to know

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The AWS Cloud Management Tools (CMT) Competency helps customers identify solutions that enable their cloud strategy by delivering operations and governance best practices. IT organizations balance delivering the benefits of a cloud strategy—agility, scale, resiliency, and cost savings—while maintaining governance, compliance, and efficient use of resources. AWS CMT Partners have proven customer success in delivering solutions that support all three.
Customers can confidently manage and optimize AWS environments using a “guardrails” approach while continuously monitoring for opportunities to improve efficiency. Listed below are the partners, products, and solutions that have been vetted, validated, and verified by the AWS Partner Competency Program to support you in these areas.

AWS Management Tools Competency Categories
Cloud Governance
AWS Partner solutions in this category aim to simplify the management of AWS resources. They provide policy driven guardrails to track, report, alert, and act on configuration changes and non-compliant resources or actions. They easily integrate with AWS management tools and external third-party solutions to drive governance of a customer’s cloud resources.

Resource & Cost Optimization
AWS Partner cloud management solutions in this category help customers gain visibility into their AWS accounts and see exact workload costs, resource utilization, chargebacks, and more. Once cost visibility is achieved, AWS Partner solutions provide resource and cost optimization recommendations to help customers maximize their AWS investment.