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The mini new jersey ‘TECNOTRE’ mini-can is great for marking parking places, crosswalks, hand fences, roundabouts, and a lot more, due to its accident-proof sizes. A lot of specific elements, including adapters, finish pieces, facets and plates, may be screwed to the goalposts, making sure excellent adaptability and sincerity to satisfy all distinct needs.

For added security, some versions have homes to connect a linking plate between one aspect and the other for a knock-on effect.

barriere cemento “TECNOTRE” Mini Hangers can be found in divided and laundered pea gravel accomplish for the much more comfortable seem and may be used in public interior design divisions. Available designs are: barriere in cemento, little barriere new jersey and many more.

On them

TECNOTRE S.r.l., a company with 30 years of experience in certain challenges in New Jersey, has actually achieved the milestone of 30 years of functioning in 2016. They may have extensive experience in a number of regions of drop defense in New Jersey. Contrary to other suppliers who associate this system with other “a whole lot worse” goods such as sinks, kitchen sinks and pipes. They merely produce New Jersey limitations. In this way, you can further target the various solutions they can supply in order to meet your various needs.

Great-high quality generation and amazing customer care

In addition to item high quality, generally concentrate on providing excellent assistance. The professional organization is qualified to UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 this is the design and style and building of safety barriers and seas limitations of established cement and accessories. TECNOTRE S.r.l. is eco-friendly, they think about it a fundamental element of all manufacturing production and is particularly licensed in accordance with UNI EN ISO 14001: 2015.

There is a entire group who help them, the suppliers who have been watching them and all sorts of their associates who enthusiastically reveal their encounter. They can be experienced, reliable and recognized.