Performing exercises designed by doctor Robert Stravinsky will strengthen the muscles and specific joints

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The abilities and skills of a professional, like those of the doctor Robert Stravinsky are the innate capacities that make up his personality and that he carries out at any time he develops a specific activity, job or trade.
By doing physical therapy, your muscles will be stronger, and your joints will work better. This means that he will have less bleeding. You will also feel better and more willing to do other things. You will need less rehabilitation in the future.
Not only should those who practice sports regularly be aware of preventing injuries. Performing jobs that require standing for long hours or with high physical demand, working in front of a computer screen, doing household chores, etc.
All are tasks that can have a negative impact on your health. Exercises designed by the doctor Robert Stravinsky focused on the activity you usually do,which will strengthen the muscles and joints you use most frequently.
Today, it is common to hear that adults suffer from some muscle pain, especially in the back and neck areas. The indicated treatment is ideal if the person suffers from pain or general discomfort after their daily routine.

A specialist with a wide field of action

The complementary training of doctor Robert Stravinsky plays a fundamental role that has allowed him to direct his professional activity to the world of sports and other areas. In addition, he is a fan of surfing, snowboarding, hiking, rowing, fishing, and sailing.
Physiotherapy has a wide field of action, including orthopedics, sports, neurological, respiratory, occupational health, public health, administrative, pediatric, geriatric, rheumatic, cardiovascular, and obstetric. Dr. Robert Stravinsky has a vocation for service. He interacts with medical services and drugs and treats people with different characteristics and conditions.

A preparation according to your requirements

As a physical therapist, Doctor Robert Stravinsky works closely with his doctors to plan his care. He looks at his strengths and weaknesses and then develops a program that fits his needs. His physical therapy program can prepare him to participate in sports and other exercise activities for recreation and fun.