For Richard Zahn, work motivation is positive in all individuals in a team

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Keeping a worker happy is synonymous with success in every way. Many factors influence labor well-being, such as the social climate, social benefits, flexible hours, etc. And without a doubt, work motivation is part of the most important element for a person.
It is the will that characterizes the individual through his effort to want to achieve the goals of the organization adjusted to the need to satisfy his own needs. The worker can feel so involved in his tasks that he will carry them out as if the organization were his own.
The essential challenge that Richard Zahn faces today is to apply and intensify measures that allow correct work motivation. The result will create an important link to establish harmony and balance between the organization and its employees. In this way, it will be possible to compensate for the basic needs, and the employee will feel the satisfaction of being useful and valued, and most importantly, feel that his work is an added value for the company.

Use motivation as a strategy

For Richard Zahn , work motivation is positive in all team members. Do we feel more relevant in a company where we are motivated and value our work? The answer is logical, which is why today, people consider motivation a necessary aspect of all organizations.
Motivation goes hand in hand with productivity. According to Richard Zahn, productivity relates to the results obtained by a worker and the means or resources needed to achieve said production.

Helps improve productivity

The factors that influence labor productivity include salary, work environment, work motivation, resources, environment, leadership, quality, and state of the machinery. Increasing labor productivity with the strategies of Mr. Richard Zahn can lead your company to obtain multiple benefits such as cost savings, greater agility, or profit growth. Therefore, work motivation acts as a direct improvement of productivity in the company.