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If you want a quality website or application to download song (download lagu), all you should do is to search for one and to make sure that the following essential features are available or not.
Best songs
Let us assume that none of your favorite songs is available on the platform to download. Would you be happy with the site? Almost every user of mp3 platforms will have some songs in mind to download. So, the platform should have enough songs in their databases. If the collection is so small, it is better to stay away from that downloader site. You should ensure whether the best songs from all the regional and major foreign languages are present beforehand.
Search option
Let us assume that an mp3 downloader site has passed the above point of having all songs under one roof. It could also backfire at times as it is almost impossible to search and find a single song from the thousands of available tunes. This task will become easy if there is a search option that allows you to enter some keywords and bring all the related songs filtered from the available set. However, some inefficient mp3 downloaders will not even have the search option. They will simply have an enormous database without any organizational method. All you should do is scroll down reading every single title to know whether the song that you wanted is there on the platform. It is a hectic task and you should not end up with such a site. There should be a search option for sure.
Fewer ads
It is not a feature but a necessity for the mp3 downloader apps and sites. Although ads only will provide the site owners with some cash, there is a limit for ads. If the site is only consisting of ads, you can better avoid it.