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The guitar has always caused fascination. This string instrument is the ideal companion to create, discover, and interpret our compositions or those of our favorite artists. There is no age to start playing it; The important thing about this instrument is to want to learn and progress.
The guitar, whether acoustic or electric, is an instrument that allows you to explore a large number of sounds and musical styles from blues, rock, pop, reggae, funk, punk, ranchera, metal, jazz, even classical music can be interpreted with this string instrument, you need to choose the right guitar and an academy like chordtela to start learning as soon as possible.

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There are many diverse ways to develop your musical skills on the guitar. For example,some start learning this instrument on their own. On the other hand, if you are worried that your family and neighbors will jump on you when they hear your first improvisations, we recommend that you learn the basics of this instrument through guitar lessons to learn the guitar chords (KordGitar).
It doesn’t matter if they are classes online, at a music school, or with a private guitar teacher; what counts is that the teaching method corresponds to your needs. Once you have acquired the first fundamentals of the guitar, you will discover, with great enjoyment, that you can start playing a large number of songs.

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Beyond the pleasure of playing musical pieces, playing the guitar has many other benefits, especially well-being and health. Keep reading and discover why learning guitar can turn your life around.
When we put our body and brain in a satisfying situation like listening to our favorite song, we indirectly facilitate other chemical and physiological processes. That is, there are several intermediary factors between music and happiness. If listening to music can generate all that, imagine what creating music, playing an instrument like the guitar, can do to your brain and body.