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Ultimately what you need is cleaner air at home. However, is commercial air duct cleaning worth it? Or is commercial air duct cleaning just a waste of cash? We will tell you right now why, and do not recommend it for most consumers either.
First off, we need to look at how commercial air duct cleaning services Arvada, CO work. They essentially clear out the dust in your air filters. Dust can be sucked into your air filters through a number of different ways. For example, if someone is blowing air through your window while you are inside your house, they may blow into your air filters. Likewise, if someone is running a hair dryer across your ceiling or along your ductwork, you may pick up some dust as well. In the end, all of this dust ends up in your filters.
By using commercial air duct cleaning services, they remove all of this debris from your air ducts. In fact, most of these services will actually allow you to take a portable air filter with you that they can recycle into something else if debris gets stuck in the filter. Essentially, the debris is sucked out so you can have cleaner air throughout your home, or even your business. However, there is still some amount of dust and other contaminants in the air that needs to be removed.
The biggest reason that commercial air duct cleaning services will allow you to take your filters with them is because of the build-up that can occur. Over time, depending on how many people you live in your household and business, this build-up can happen to you. It may be mold, pet dander, or dust from remodeling. Regardless, it is going to occur, and having a professional service come in and take care of this for you will help to get rid of some of the contaminants and build-up.
One of the best parts about using these commercial air duct cleaning services is that they can take out just about any odor that is in the air duct system. Most people do not realize that these odors can be removed. By contacting a company like stanley steemer, they are able to take care of any problem that you have with air quality. They can use the proper equipment to test for various types of smells, and then will be able to remove them.
Additionally, these professionals can take out the moisture from your heating and cooling system as well. This can be done through a process known as dehumidification, which is done with the use of a dryer vent extractor. In most cases, a professional service such as stanley steemer will have this type of equipment available for their clients. These are just a couple of the services that a dryer vent extractor service offers, which means that you need to contact one if you think that you need some of these services for your business.