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Carpet cleaners near me llc sarasota fl, “My name is Constantin, i do carpet cleaning and sofa conditioning in Sarasota for more than 15 years, our objective is to continuously strive to provide satisfied customers and continually to do our very best in treating and restoring your rugs, carpets and sofas.” Specialized in hard-to-remove stains, oily drinks, urine, poop, juice, markings, food, blood, moisture damage, liquid ink, marker, pet stains, water damage and most of all liquid spills, we treat all areas of your home we can extend the life of your carpet and also help you reduce your cleaning time. The carpet cleaners in Sarasota are family owned and operated and we guarantee you a 100% satisfaction if you ever have a problem with our service or your rug. We have certified staff that will treat you right.
“I was very dissatisfied with our first cleaning, we had over one hundred customer complaints in a seven month period, I called the carpet cleaners near me llc and they fixed the problem, they were very nice and patient with me, they changed my negative view on them into a positive one and gave my carpet a very good cleaning, we will continue to use their services and will continue to get compliments on how clean our carpets are.”
“My husband and I bought our home three years ago and had no idea of what kind of carpet our carpet would be like. Well about two months after moving in we had a visit from a maid who told us we had wall to wall carpet. We both were very impressed and now my husbands carpets are just as clean as our new ones and I don’t feel as guilty as I used to about letting such a great carpet go to waste.” – Karen
“I recently had an experience with two carpet cleaners in Sarasota, Florida. I let them clean two rooms and was happy with both of them. They were very prompt in cleaning the floors and chairs in the rooms and were very professional and very knowledgeable about how to clean carpets. I got the feeling that they were very good at what they do and I would definitely recommend them to anyone else who is in the market for a carpet cleaner in Sarasota, Florida.” – Barb J.
“Carpet Cleaners in Sarasota Florida made our house feel more warm and comfortable. They were prompt, professional and very knowledgeable and they did an excellent job. The staff is very friendly and professional and they did a great job keeping our carpets clean and looking nice.”
Overall, Carpet Cleaners in Sarasota Florida are reliable and trustworthy. If you ever have questions about clean carpets or anything else, don’t hesitate to call them. It’s better to ask a question than to simply not make any kind of improvement in your home when you have an important business meeting or interview to conduct. Good luck with whatever you decide!