5 Best Camera For Travel Vlogging

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Choosing the best camera for travel vlogging can be quite tricky, because there are so many options out there that all claim to be the best and have different sets of features that can make your vlog videos more impressive than they normally would be. The key is to pick the camera that’s best suited for your needs. We’ve come up with our own list of features that are key when picking out your first camera for travel.

Touch Enabled – The touch enabled cameras let you use a stylus or a finger to manipulate the screen, which in turn gives you more control over your videos. The best vlogger camera allows you to concentrate on the content of your vlog instead of an overly complex interface or cumbersome camera setup, and actually makes you look better while doing it as well. For some users, a small touch enabled camera is all that’s needed. On the other hand, for other users, who prefer things to be as easy as possible, a larger touch enabled screen may be more desirable. It’s really a personal decision, though, so go with what works for you.

Video Recording Quality – The higher the video recording quality, the better the audio. Many people think that the higher the resolution, the better the audio quality, but that isn’t necessarily true. In fact, the majority of high resolution vid camcorders have a very quiet motor, so there’s no buzzing, cracking noises, or any background noise that may distract from your vlog shooting experience. However, if you do choose a higher res camcorder, try to make sure it has an external microphone plug, as this can allow you to record in different situations where sound may be more crucial such as outdoors on a beach, etc.

Wireless Vs Wired – Some vloggers prefer wireless capabilities over wired, mainly because they don’t need to worry about wires getting snagged on objects during shooting. For other vloggers, wireless capabilities are extremely important because they want to take their videos anywhere they are going to be posted. If you’re not going to be traveling that often anyway, then it doesn’t matter to you which type of camera you go with. However, if you do plan on going places where you might run into wire-line networks, then having a wireless best camera for travel vlogging would definitely come in handy. If you can’t decide which one to get, then go with wireless.

Sensor Size & Maximum Aperture – These two factors are often disregarded by novice vloggers and others, but need to be explained. Basically, the size of the camera determines how tightly the image can be captured in the first place and the aperture determines how much light is let into the lens to capture the image. For those who are shooting scenes outdoors, you want a camera with a large maximum aperture. On the other hand, indoors, you’ll want to go with a smaller maximum aperture so you can achieve lower light performance.

Optical Stabilization – One thing to note about optical stabilization is that some brands offer it, but none of them include it in the package. There are more expensive cameras that include optical stabilization, but they cost more than those that don’t have it included. I recommend purchasing an optical stabilization camera lens separately. It’s about $50, and you’ll never regret having it included because it really does help with your vlogger videos.